Feeney's west

Our New Addition


In 2016 Feeney Shipyard began planning to expand across the Rondout Creek.  We use this land for our new construction and repair jobs.  Utilizing 13 acres of useable land, we have the capability to haul and launch new construction or repaired work.  We do so with industrial Marine Airbags. Depending on size, we could haul 6-8 barges at a time on this property for repair. We have used this new property to construct nine new containerized barges for Norfolk Tug and Barge, and repair several other vessels.   

Newly added winch system


State of the Art Winch System which allows Feeney's Shipyard to haul and launch vessels of up to 1500 Ton and 320 Feet Long


Coupled with our Marine Grade airbags we can meet all of the customer's needs on land.