Feeney #1: 160’ x 74’ x 16’ (66’ between wing walls)
1: Capable of hauling vessels up to 250’ in length and 64’ in width
2: Lifting capacity – 1565 long tons
3: Pump System – Compressed Air
4: Electrical Service – 800 Amps

Feeney #2 (Under Construction) – 180’ x 60’ x 20’ (55’ between wing walls)
1: Capable of hauling vessels up to 275’ in length
2: Lifting Capacity – 1500 long tons
3: Pump System – Compressed Air
4: Electrical Service – 800 Amps

Opened in February 2009 -120’ x 60’ x 35’ Under Eave Height

1: Outfitted with (2) – 10 ton overhead bridge cranes – 29’ under hook height
2: Outfitted with new 10’x40’ – High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine – capable of producing any shape in plate ranging from 1/8” to 3”. The Oxy Fuel side of the machine is capable of producing any plate shape up to 6” thick.
3: Outfitted with complete 8-semi automatic Lincoln Welders and 5 torch rigs.
4: Building constructed with (1) 55’ x 20’ bi fold door to allow the transfer of large structures from the building.
5: ABS and USCG certified welders in steel and aluminum.

1: Usable pier space – 850’ – average water depth 15’ at dock – 18-20’ - 10’ off dock
2: Pier space complete with fresh water, electric and compressed air service


1: 1- 125 Ton Lima Crawler Crane
2: 1 – 75 Ton American Truck Crane
3: 1-100 Ton American Crane on 130’x40’x11.5’ deck barge
4: 1-20 Ton Rough Terrain Hydraulic Crane
5: 9000# JGB Lull High Reach Forklift
6: 5000# Fabrication Shop Forklift
7: Complete line of shackles, cables, straps etc. capable of rigging 0-70 Tons in stock
8: Newly acquired 300 ton transfer system. Capable of transferring heavy objects within yard, or to and from floating dry-dock or other barge. System has recently been used to move a newly constructed fuel barge from the fabrication building to the launch area.

1: 1100 Horse power tugboat and crane barge available for emergency repairs anywhere in the Hudson River. We have been used in the past to make pump repairs, engine exchanges, generator repairs, and fouled anchor assistance by a number of our customers.
2: Our crew is with limited notice – and can be on site in the Hudson in a matter of hours. Crane barge is fully equipped with welding machines, torch outfits, rigging, electrical generation and lighting. Barge is equipped with 2-75’ spuds to allow for spudding in most areas of the River.
3: Shore Side – we are capable of mobilizing with 4 hours notice (or less) to attend a shore side emergency anywhere from New York City to Albany.


1: Complete shop with all required equipment to complete small to large projects.
2: Furniture and cabinet building a specialty


1: Stocked storage area for hard to find fittings, pipe sizes ect
2: 3 Rigid 300 Threaders – capable of threading up to 2” pipe
3: Complete stock of pipe stands, rollers, bevellers ect


1: Feeney’s offers Sandblast and Water blast services utilizing the latest environmental systems for a safe and thorough paint removal and surface cleaning.
2: Our Paint staff provides all your painting needs from painting hulls, decks, inside tanks, superstructures, machinery and more.

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